“Matania creates in faith” is a company in the field of manufacturing, importing and marketing furniture and products for synagogues, with 15 years of experience, the knowledge and reputation we have acquired works mainly for your benefit.

Our vision: through Matanya’s products to give the worshiping public a sense of appreciation and respect for the place where they pray, the synagogue will serve as an inspiration for spiritual preparation, from a connection to the good in you and doing good for the community, this way to create communities that are connected to themselves and their colleagues in their community.

The goals:

To be accessible and efficient while providing real value for the synagogue, to bring new and artistic designs, to save time and money for the community.

A huge selection of products for synagogues, from furniture to chandeliers through aprons and signs and more.

And all under one roof!

Rabbis, collectors and donors, architects, interior designers

The products:
> Complete furniture for a synagogue, including: ark, prayer platform, cantor column, libraries, seats and benches, tables, doors, wall coverings, chairs of Elijah the Prophet

> Commemorative and donor plaques, prayer plaques and synagogue decoration, direction plaques of all sizes and types, illuminated and regular.

> Coverings for the Ark of the Covenant, cover for the bimah, cover for the Torah scrolls (coat for the Torah scroll).

> Elegant and special Torah books written by writers with certificates and great experience in the field of writing

> Bags for Torah scrolls in different types and designs with different dedication options

***Conditions create with faith” considers it a right and a duty to give the customer all the rights he deserves and beyond. To give you as a customer the maximum security in the purchase, save you from confusion between the different suppliers and reduce the margin of error created by adjustments between different suppliers***

Your community advisor, at your service