How to build a synagogue correctly

Why is the visibility of the synagogue important?

A nice apartment expands a person's mind, think of yourself as a consumer when you come to purchase an apartment from a sales office, what would you think of a sales office that is in an unrenovated basement with an old chair, a plastic cabinet, a peeling table that does not match the chair, and faded signs, that offers you a dream deal, will it be Does it make sense to you?

So we, whose mission is to spread the jewel in the crown of the "Teachings of Chassidut", the teachings of the Messiah, so we need suitable tools for the great light and we will surely present it in a magnificent way

If we want people to take our synagogue seriously, we must present it with the tools it deserves. Let's break through our borders "between bursts" with big vessels, the world wants big lights with big vessels,

After this important introduction, we thought how can we make our goals accessible to the general public?

So how do you increase tools of abundance?

Let a professional plan the space for you, proper division saves a lot of money and time, think about a situation where you want to sit comfortably and study with an associate and then you have to be bothered about a new renovation contractor, when things are not done professionally without sufficient thinking, you lose. The cost of an interior designer can reach 50,000. One of our advantages in working with interior designers is the variety that can fit all needs and design a uniform language, and then there is also a price advantage for large orders.

Who has an interest in keeping your side in building the synagogue?

People think that an inspector will watch over you, he's supposed to watch over you, that's right, it's not, the inspector's job is to watch over that you work according to the standard and the architectural plan, but he doesn't have the teeth to change, and he also doesn't take responsibility for mistakes, he only warns, he doesn't check where savings can be made because that's not our business , he does not increase his head because he has no reason, the contractor will only increase the work because that is how he will profit, he has no interest in saving for the entrepreneur

An inspector checks with the workers that they worked according to the standard and according to the plans that the architect submitted, he is a project manager who can save a lot of money for an entrepreneur to close with him who will receive a new salary and if he needs to have an understanding of all the elements he needs to check where it is possible to save and optimize processes, speed up the pace of construction, and he can also do the supervisor's job.

The balance between loading places and the space and comfort of worshipers is important.

A properly divided space is important, but that's not everything, it's very important to design it properly, not all of us have a sense for it or even a need for it, I often hear people say why do you need a beautiful apron, why invest in a beautiful sign, the main thing is that it will serve its purpose, but this is really not! Fortunately, not everyone is like us.

People appreciate and want to come in to wow and be proud of the place they pray. Put thought into the small details, this is what connects the material to the spirit of your community!

Invest in it! It is there to stay with you for at least 15-20 years, you should pay attention to the proper equipment of the synagogue

We see the difference between working with carpenters and an architect and interior designer in understanding and depth and the ability to match the right elements to a synagogue

Why is harmony important?

Synagogue accessories are forbidden to scatter, not to bring patches that are not related to each other even if each of them is beautiful and prestigious in its own right

We have clients who only need a sign, of course they won't bring an architect just for the sign, who consult us we ask for the photo of the synagogue to see the context in which the sign sits in order to check what is best for the place.

In synagogues that did not work in a professional manner, it was a big challenge to adapt the product when every accessory in a place is unrelated to the other, it is impossible to know what to associate the new item with.

Even if now the situation exists and it is not appropriate to bring in an architect for every sign, consider consulting with us, in order to make a uniform and suitable concept for all signage in the synagogue

The same with a veil that fits the style of the synagogue, what design will compliment the cabinet, emphasize the beauty and not steal the show, or in another situation should it give a show,

Don't be shy to consult us, that's why we work hard, so that yours will be a beautiful place!

The subject of smell is so significant in our lives, it touches the deepest chords in the mind, smell motivates people and prevents people, if you want a synagogue to be inviting, make sure it has a good smell, a good smell that pleases and restores the soul,

If we make a link to the Talmud in tractate Hagiga 7, page 2, the Gemara requires on the verse "and it will be seen by all who remember you" why "everyone" everyone who can go up with everyone, those who deal with copper and collect excrement and the tanners who process hides do not go on pilgrimage with the rest of the people, for the reason that people cannot stand near them because of the smell.

Tips: Ventilate the synagogue at night so that there will be oxygen, pay attention when there is no oxygen people are sleepy, and the smell...

Meals that are held in a synagogue: leaving smells, you should take care to ventilate the place, apart from that you should pay attention if there are people who are bothered by the smell of tuna and herring fish.

There are several types of scent diffusers, which work by releasing a scent at a fixed time, some are quiet and some are noisy, be careful to bring the quiet ones, the noisy ones can be stressful sometimes.

There are studies that have found that there is a higher conversion rate for product purchases and customer satisfaction derived as a result of a good smell in a store/hotel, etc. You know when you enter a hotel and there is an inviting smell, you enter a bakery and there is a smell of baked goods, this makes you buy.

The cleanliness of the synagogue, a bin full of dirty toilets, a dilapidated toilet, if you go to a restaurant like this, will you return to it?


If you save on quality coffee brands, add a shekel for a drink and bring a disposable for a thick and large hot drink, bring a hot and cold water dispenser.

Think you are going to the bank to take out a mortgage or to a jewelry store, how will the coffee corner look? The corner is clean, there are cups, spoons, sugar, coffee, everything is arranged.

How do donations arrive for all this beauty?

When you invest then people feel that they are respected and the desire to contribute arises in them, this is an investment that goes back to the community and from the community in a big way, go big and big people will go with you!

How to treat the donor's contribution?

It is important to show the donor where the money went, what value you brought to the public to connect him to the synagogue and the value of his purchase created. Sit together with him to choose but with your intention, give him the feeling that it is his but while maintaining the design of the synagogue and the design principles you set for yourself. Remember, you decide what your synagogue is like He will respect you for it!

Why is it important to buy everything in one place?

As we mentioned, we want a uniform language, with a minimum of errors, when there is one provider there is integration between the various components, which reduces errors, and most importantly the headache of those responsible, there is one address for everything!

When should a synagogue be renovated?
A synagogue after 15 years needs to accumulate capital to understand that furniture needs to be replaced, walls renovated, electricity, etc. (consult a contractor)

Budget planning

The size of an ark is between 30 and 500 thousand,
Bima, between 15 and 45 thousand,
Dresses between NIS 4,500 and NIS 25,000,
Prayer and commemorative signs between 1000 and 15000 NIS
Chandelier between 15000 and 85000 NIS
Libraries between 3500 and 5500 per square meter
Chairs between 250 and 1500 per seat

How to present the price to donors?

You need an abundance consciousness, there is a lot of money out there that needs to reach God's house, people want to give, people with status give to a place that respects itself and their contribution, present a worthy price for a worthy product and you will be surprised, from experience!! Having trouble with the budget? Do not compromise on conformity and your vision, stand by your principles, every difficulty has a solution, allow it to be divided into installments, or participate with another donor in the donation, remember that you set the standard.

Let's return the respect to the community leaders for which they were elected, in the end the donors want to know that they bought a quality and commemorative product that will be used by the public, they don't want cheap - they want value, donating to a place with value and to commemorate people who are close, therefore it is important to properly present the benefit and they already knew Appreciate you for that.

How to maintain and maintain a synagogue?
Maintenance on sacred objects, cleaning silverware twice a year, Passover and Ra'ah,

How do you do that?

On furniture, be careful not to pour water near bookshelves or panels that can swell, how to fix scratches on furniture, (bee dung, polish, oil, cleaning tough stains, marker pen and more with a screw loosening spray

The stages of development in a synagogue:

They start with plastic chairs and slowly increase it with the patches of an ancient parochet, add benches, expand another room, add a library and so on and so on and so on, which creates a dishonorable synagogue. Know where you want to go even if you can't fulfill the vision now, start According to the plan so that in the end you will arrive at a magnificent place of which thinking and planning are a part.

Meir Zvi Turkov built a company that has existed for over 15 years with over 1500 products and 1600 institutional customers,

Projects including a Chabad house in Thailand and Miami through synagogues in Manhattan and just recently several projects in the Holy Land, in Masha Ha'Ain, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Hadera, through Tel Aviv, and hundreds of other synagogues around the world on which Matanya's handprint is emblazoned in a prayer and commemorative plaque or A robe next to a magnificent chandelier.

So where to start with a synagogue building project?

A meeting with a senior consultant of a synagogue

He knew how to realize the dream of a synagogue that would light up the world

Communicate with an architect

Not giving up on this step is critical, an architect who knows all the corners you shouldn't encounter again, something has already tried for you, his experience is your peace!

Contact an interior designer

This is the important stage, the structure is the body, now is the time for the soul, a synagogue does not lose its design spirit at any cost!

Hire a project manager

The collector is usually a working person, he doesn't have time for that, construction is exhausting and difficult, you need someone with experience to take care of it on your side, the service providers should save money because the suppliers want to sell and won't show you cheaper and better ways

Order from a body that gathers all the ingredients under it

When doing a complex process, it is better to save complexity as much as possible, the relationship between different suppliers gives rise to conflicts, incompatibilities, and disappointments that are enough if we only imagine, it is not worth experiencing them. One provider means peace of mind and savings of thousands of shekels!
Your community advisor, at your service