Writing a Torah scroll for the upliftment of a relative’s soul

Writing a Torah book for the upliftment of the soul is a very great mitzvah, besides the mitzvah that everyone should have their own Torah book, writing a Torah book for a deceased person is the highest possible upliftment of the soul, and it is a right for his soul and for his descendants who take care of the upliftment of his soul.

The subject is sensitive and sacred and thus it must be treated, starting with the choice of the writer, the compilation of the script, the kosher of the script, the selection of the synagogue for the entrance, the introduction of the Torah book, the production of the event and all that is implied.

Such an event is important to be completed calmly and calmly and in the best possible way

We have prepared an accessible guide for you to understand the process and see how we can help you in this as well with God's help

How to organize writing and putting in a Torah scroll

Find out details about the reliability of the supplier of the Sefer Torah

You need to make sure that the body from which you purchase the Torah book is reliable, because there are things only God can know how they were done, so you need to connect with a business that gives you a sense of reliability and get reliable recommendations.

Choose a beautiful script of the Sefer Torah

According to the synagogue version, choose the version of the Torah book, Sephardi or Ashkenazi, see several models of Torah books, and choose one whose beauty of writing is worth the price, check that the writer is learned and expert and with high reliability

The Torah book is sent for external inspection

There are valve inspection institutes that are not independent and you should hear another opinion to be calm

Make a contract to write a book

There is an orderly contract for the pace of writing and the payments according to the pace of writing, it is worth taking care of this so that all parties are committed to this sacred process

Checking which synagogue is interested

You should take a few things into account, first of all which synagogue you or the deceased are connected to, another thing where there is a higher possibility that they will read it and honor the memory of the deceased for the ascension of his soul. If it is possible to get both, that's good, if not, you should choose a place that needs a Torah book and that will be a blessing for all of us.

Accessories for the Sefer Torah

For an Ashkenazi book you need to purchase trees of life, between 1250 NIS and 15000 NIS | And a coat for a Torah book with a dedication embroidered on it, between 1500 and 4500 NIS | For a bag for a Sephardi Torah book, the standard is suitable for a 56 card height, prices range from over 11 thousand to 35 thousand on average |

They are planning to bring in a Torah scroll

You should take a producer who will keep you calm, but you can do it yourself, (and it has a personal price), you need to get a car for the procession with a DJ | Torches to accompany the Torah book Cover for the Torah book | List of honors to carry the book | (Some sell rights to write the letters for the Sefer Torah) Coordination with the authorities, police, municipality. | Order catering for a Mitzvah meal A place can be in a synagogue if it is big enough, if not you need to rent a hall Take pictures and video A DJ or a time suitable for the style of the synagogue
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