Covering for the Torah -“HaRabi” Classical Design Chagim



כיסוי בין העליות מנורות על עמודים כסף לבן

Covering for the Torah -“HaRabi” Classical Design Chagim



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The process of purchase, production and delivery of the product:

Selection of a veil model and fabric color + preparation of a dedication text
Photographing the closet and measuring the width and height of the apron: and sending the data in the contact form
You will receive a simulation with a price quote for your approval + 50% advance payment and start of production
You can pick up or request delivery anywhere in the world

Your questions our answers

Inspirational verses for a synagogue

To select verses from the tradition click here

The thought-provoking sayings of Rabbi Zaks, click here

Are all the fabric colors the same price?

Light colors like white and cream cost 25% more than other models

You can specify that you want a white color and after you send the order we will update the price manually, (the price is not updated automatically)

How to write a dedication

How do you register dedications to the leiluy nishmas?

1. Full first name
2. Surname
3. The names of the deceased’s parents
4. The date of the deceased’s death

Below is an example of a dedication:

לעילוי נשמת
זאב בן יוחנן כהן ז”ל
נלב”ע כ’ כסלו תשפ”א

can be added:

נתרם לזכות שמעון בן יעקב שיחי’
לאורך ימים ושנים טובות