The website “Matanyah” hereafter www.matanyah.co.il developed and operated by the company “MATANYAH”, is used as a website for ordering products.

The provisions of this regulation will apply to any use made by you on the site and to any purchase made by you through the site, and will form the legal basis for any discussion between you and “Matanyah”. Therefore, you are requested to read these regulations in full and carefully.

Browsing the website and/or purchasing products and/or services offered for sale on it constitutes your agreement to accept and act according to the regulations. Therefore, if you do not agree to any of its terms, you are requested not to make any use of the site.

Wherever in these regulations the masculine is used, it is also meant to be feminine by implication.

The chapter titles are provided for the user’s convenience and orientation and will not be used in the interpretation of the regulations.

supply date

Depends on the type of product and will be determined when ordering

Prices and payments

Your payment will be made using the credit card whose details you provided, at the price that appears next to the products you ordered.

“Matanyah” may change product prices and handling and shipping fees from time to time. The valid price in relation to the order you placed is the price that will be published on the website when you complete the order process.

All prices that appear on the website include VAT unless otherwise specifically stated.

Transaction cancellation/refund conditions

A) Canceling a transaction will be done within 14 days of receiving the product, or the disclosure document, whichever is later.
b) Notification of the cancellation will be delivered by fax/email/mail.

c) When canceling a transaction that is not due to a defect or discrepancy, due to the failure to deliver the product on the appointed date, or any other violation of the contract, the consumer’s money will be forfeited to him within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, with the exception of a 10% cancellation fee, the product will be returned by h the consumer.

d) When canceling a transaction due to a defect or discrepancy, or due to the non-delivery of the product on the appointed date, or any other violation of the contract, no cancellation fees will be charged, the consumer’s money will be returned to him within 14 days of the cancellation notice, the product will be returned at the expense of “Conditions”

e) The product will be returned as far as possible, or reasonable in its original packaging.

f) Matanya has the right to sue the consumer due to a decrease in the value of the product.

Reservations to the right of cancellation: It is not possible to cancel a purchase of products that were made especially for a consumer. or underwent conversion / repair / adjustment, sketch design, or any other expense related to the order.

Matanyah reserves the right to charge a 10% commission for canceling an order of custom-made products that you have ordered and incurred expenses (time, graphic artist, ordering raw materials).


A product warranty is given at the time of purchase for each individual product


The interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or conflict arising from it, will be done in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, and will be clarified, if necessary, in the competent courts in each of the district cities of the courts: Tel Aviv – Jaffa, Merkaz, Haifa, Nazareth, Be’er Sheva and Jerusalem.

The regulations were last updated on November 2022 and can be changed at any time by “Matanyah”, according to its sole discretion, provided that the aforementioned change does not affect the rights of customers who have made purchases up to that date. The version of the regulations as it is published on the website is the determining version at all times.

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